Kobelco Mini Excavator

  • Easy to transport
  • Wide working range
  • Exceptional smooth, precise lever control
  • Zero tail swing
  • Excellent compact digging performance
  • Efficient boom offset function
  • Reduced vibration while travelling
  • Kobelco’s Revolutionary Integrated Noise & Dust Reduction Cooling System

Kobelco Mini excavators have a reputation for being highly fuel efficient, reliable and quiet to operate. Learn more and download specification sheets.

Kobelco Midi Excavator

  • New hydraulic circuitry minimises pressure loss
  • High-efficiency, electronically controlled Common Rail Fuel Injection Engine
  • Powerful travel and arm/boom digging force
  • Advanced power plant that reduces fuel consumption
  • Easy maintenance that reduces upkeep costs
  • High structural durability and reliability that retain machine value longer
  • Meets the latest exhaust emission standards
  • Auto Idling Stop as standard equipment
  • Noise reduction measures (with improvement of the sound quality) minimise noise and vibration

Learn more and download specification sheet.

Kobelco Heavy Excavator

  • A newly developed engine raises the bar for construction machinery
  • ECO-mode: engineered for economy
  • Multi-Display Colour Monitor for Easy Checking
  • Seamless feeling, smooth combined operations
  • Smooth rotation operation cuts cycle times
  • Strong driving torque produces powerful travel capabilities
  • Long reach broadens working area

This series of excavators has generous ground clearance for stumps or rocks. The extra crawler width ensures excellent stability, which allows for uninterrupted work and greater lifting capacity. Durability is improved with full track guides and larger upper rollers for the crawlers to prevent de-tracking.

Learn more and download specification sheets.

Kobelco Recycling Excavator

  • Specialized nibblers designed for improved work efficiency.
  • Unified development for superior quality and service.
  • Fine control allows swift, point-perfect positioning.
  • Open/close type clamp arms made to our own design.
  • Incorporating the most advanced energy-saving technologies.
  • Equipped safety measures to prevent the nibbler from hitting the operator’s cab.
  • Spacious cab protects the operator.

Machine designed and built specifically for car dismantling with piping for the rotating nibbler, front attachments, clamp arm, reinforced boom and arm, heavy duty cylinders and special heavy counterweight for increased stability.

Learn more and download specification sheet.

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