Environmentally friendly excavation

The result of Kobelco’s advanced technologies beautifully balances all the demands of today’s construction industry. With greater digging capacity and improved fuel-efficiency, these hydraulic excavators offer a more economical and environmentally friendly earth moving solution. All together these features allow the Kobelco to rival Komatsu, Caterpillar, Case, Hyundai, Volvo, Hitachi, and Sumitomo.

Also introducing the New Era Kobelco SK135SR-5 that has a new hydraulic clog sensor and larger oil filtration. It also has light touch levers which reduce fatigue by 25%.The Kobelco SK135SR-5 Offset features factory fitted height, depth & offset limiters and a cab interference protection system.

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    Kobelco Midi Excavator Key Features

    • New hydraulic circuitry minimises pressure loss
    • High-efficiency, electronically controlled Common Rail Fuel Injection Engine
    • Powerful travel and arm/boom digging force
    • Advanced power plant that reduces fuel consumption
    • Easy maintenance that reduces upkeep costs
    • High structural durability and reliability that retain machine value longer
    • Meets the latest exhaust emission standards
    • Auto Idling Stop as standard equipment
    • Noise reduction measures (with improvement of the sound quality) minimise noise and vibration

    Why Kobelco Midi-Excavator?

    Best Warranty in the market
    2 Year / 3,000 Hour Full Factory Warranty + 4 Year / 6,000 Hour EPT Warranty.

    Over 80 years of history and technical expertise
    Kobelco has over 80 years of experience developing pioneering technology with the support of the Kobe Steel Group. Our mini excavators are fuel efficient, powerful, safe and comfortable and are highly appreciated by customers.

    Next-3E Technology
    The perfection of Kobelco Next-Generation network performance includes: Enhancement: New hydraulic circuitry minimises pressure loss. Economy: Highly fuel efficient engine and high structural durability retains machine value for longer. Environment: Features that go easy on Earth and noise reduction measures which minimise noise and vibration.

    What our customers are saying about their Kobelco Midi Excavators

    Jason French from Danny & Jason French – “The controls are the smoothest I’ve ever used, it is quiet both inside and outside the cab, and it’s roomy and comfortable. That’s what you want when you’re spending long hours each day in there.”

    Henri from Adept Civil – “Kobelco is the ideal choice because, right across the range, the equipment is versatile and can be fitted with a wide variety of attachments to suit our individual business needs, ranging from undercutters, sleeper grabs to buckets for cleanup work, jackhammers and rocksaws.”

    Andrew from Andy’s Earthworks – “It’s beautiful inside; everything is adjustable to suit the operator. There’s good air conditioning and it’s a very quiet machine. Kobelco machines also go two days on a tank.”

    Kobelco Midi Excavator Spec Sheets

    VIEW SPEC SHEET SK75SR-3 41 – 42kW 4160 – 4580mm 7.44 – 7.66t .28m³
    VIEW SPEC SHEET SK75SR-3 Offset 41 – 42kW 3600 – 4600mm 8.35 – 8.38t .28m³
    VIEW SPEC SHEET SK85MSR-3 41 – 42kW 4200 – 4460mm 8.2 – 8.43t .28m³
    VIEW SPEC SHEET SK135SR-3, SK135SRLC-3 69.2 – 74kW 5520 – 5980mm 13.6 – 14.1t .5m³
    VIEW SPEC SHEET SK135SR-3 Offset 69.2 – 74kW 4500 – 5220mm 14.4 – 14.8t .5m³
    VIEW SPEC SHEET ED160 Blade Runner 69.2 – 74kW 5360 – 5820mm 15.7 – 15.9t .5m³
    VIEW SPEC SHEET SK135SR-5 73.9 – 78.5kW 4920 – 5220mm 14.5 – 15t .45
    VIEW SPEC SHEET SK135SR-5/SK140SRLC-5 73.9 – 78.5kW 5520 – 5980mm 14 – 15.6t .50
    VIEW SPEC SHEET SK85MSR-7 51.5 – 53.7kW 4180 – 4440mm 8.4 – 8.8t .28m³
    VIEW SPEC SHEET SK75SR-7 Offset 51.5 – 53.7kW 3600 – 4600mm 8.6 – 9.0t .28m³
    VIEW SPEC SHEET SK75SR-7 51.5 – 53.7kW 4160 – 4580mm 7.8 – 8.1t .28m³

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