Converts end-of-life metal products into valuable resources

Vehicle Dismantling – Car Dismantling – Engine dismantling – Dismantling complex equipment. Australia has enacted the Home Appliances Recycling Law in 2012, as it heads toward a resource recycling society for the benefit of the next generation.

Sydney Trucks & Machinery has begun supplying Kobelco multi-dismantling machines that, effectively dismantle and sort metal from end-of-life automobiles as well as metal from motorcycles, trucks, railway cars, and used household appliances and equipment.


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    Kobelco Recycling Excavator Key Features

    • Specialized nibblers designed for improved work efficiency.
    • Unified development for superior quality and service.
    • Fine control allows swift, point-perfect positioning.
    • Open/close type clamp arms made to our own design.
    • Incorporating the most advanced energy-saving technologies.
    • Equipped safety measures to prevent the nibbler from hitting the operator’s cab.
    • Spacious cab protects the operator.

    Machine designed and built specifically for car dismantling with piping for the rotating nibbler, front attachments, clamp arm, reinforced boom and arm, heavy duty cylinders and special heavy counterweight for increased stability.

    Why Kobelco Recycling Excavator?

    Best Warranty in the market
    2 Year / 3,000 Hour Full Factory Warranty + 4 Year / 6,000 Hour EPT Warranty.

    Over 80 years of history and technical expertise
    Kobelco has over 80 years of experience developing pioneering technology with the support of the Kobe Steel Group. Our excavators are fuel efficient, powerful, safe and comfortable and are highly appreciated by customers.

    Fast and flexible Kobelco Finance available
    Kobelco Finance is easy and available to apply for through our experienced dealer network.

    Using Kobelco’s multi-dismantling machines, not only can the processing amount be increased considerably but other benefits including a higher recovery rate of rare earth metals, drastic reduction in operation costs, and improved working conditions and safety can be achieved.

    The clamp arms are equipped with an open/close function to securely hold down large objects to prevent movement. With the grips and teeth, even small objects can be held and cut.

    Kobelco Recycling Excavators Main Features

    Innovative clamp arm
    Clamp arms are equipped with an open/close function to securely hold down large objects to prevent movement. With the grips and teeth, even small objects can be held and cut. The bowl shaped grips makes it easy to pinch and hold an object. Parts can be easily removed by rotating front-to-back.
    Objects can be held and crushed by the powerful tip crushing force. Two different shapes of teeth fitted on the top are useful for tearing, bending and folding.

    Specialised nibblers designed for improved work efficiency
    The multi-dismantling nibbler, with its pointed shape suited to perform small-scale separating and sorting, is equipped as a standard feature. A dedicated vehicle dismantling nibbler which produces powerful grip, cutting force and rotational torque is optionally available for the SK235R and SK200.

    Fine control allows swift, point-perfect positioning
    Attachment starts and stops are smooth, with no sudden speed changes in simultaneous operations. The smooth inching control can be done which is essential for small-scale work.


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